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I was just experimenting on how to get the ‘arl’ value on Android without the help of a computer, my ‘draft’ findings and instructions:

||| D R A F T |||

To get the “arl” value on Android, you’ll need to install the Firefox browser and the following addons:

1. User-Agent Switcher and Manager
2. Cookie Manager

You have to change the user-agent to a desktop version of a browser (e.g. Chrome on Windows), and apply the changes, then from within the same tab (dont open a new tab) go to ‘’ and login with your account credentials.

Then open ‘Cookie Manager’ addon and search for ‘’ URL, find the ‘arl’ value and copy it, then give it to SMLoadr when requested.

I hope somebody will find this useful.

At any rate, mods, please feel free to delete if this is not needed or unnecessary.

PS. Sorry for my bad English, it’s not my native. 🙂