Cunt Wars (+18) [Nutaku-Hooligapps] v1.46 [MOD]

Hey guys what is going on? Not using mods for a month or so. So they are currently not working right?

I Noticed that they changed something on the PC version.

Before they stored the game on the computer somewhere in %appdata%, for example for firefox something like: asmjs

When you had the game stored on your computer and you started the game it went directly to the running screen….(where you have to wait for the game to load) but now you go to the loading screen where the game does some downloads (you can see if you monitor your internet data usage)

After downloading about 70 MB you finally get to the Running… (when the main game has finished downloading and is started)

i suspect that the game is not longer saved to HDD but keept in memory only thus you have to download it over and over again.

That could explain why it got more difficult to cheat, more stuff is managed online

The user specific data is still kept on the HDD but the main part is not.

The user part is kept somewhere here: