Pastel Memories v2.3.0 Mod Apk

Pastel Memories

Pastel Memories v2.3.0 Mod Apk TVCM being broadcast! Popular Moe game RPG latest installment of the flue!
Full of cute girl girl game unique!
This Girl full of Moe game to enjoy the basic free.

◇ ◆ Gacha argument fix unlimited in the tutorial! Risemara unnecessary! ◆ ◇

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Moe game, girl games, Kyarage, men’s game, If you are interested in geek / Otaku Games
Who want to feel free to enjoy in and Basic free
Pretty If you want to (Girl) us and petting
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– lovers want to enjoy Kisekae, change of clothes to the clothes
– Akihabara (Akihabara) If you are interested in
· If you want to enjoy the story of the full voice

Download Free! Play is also the basic free!
Challenge to the quest and get the login bonus every day!

—- ◆ ◇ pastel Memories (Pasumemo) story

Little future of 20XX year from now, but was once known as “otaku of the Holy Land.”
The city “Akihabara” to the otaku culture had some reason to decline to the stage,
Players become the manager of the few left in the “Akihabara,” “geek shop”,
Along with the girl who nurture the talent of various “nerd” who gather in the store,
In order to regain the “memories” that was lost from people’s minds,
It will be going waging a fight with a mysterious enemy.

And comical story, is the “change” is featured in a variety of costumes and personality of the girls.

—- ◆ ◇ game content

■ Dive in various works world! Involuntarily be completely absorbed main story in 3D characters and full voice!

Otaku culture has decline to “Akihabara” to the stage, was lost due to the influence of the virus that had possessed take to work
In order to regain the “memories” of the people, 12 people of geek girls will journey into the world [work world] of various works

■ Memorial change in various costumes! ! Change in personality as well as appearance is …!

You can Kisekae the costumes of various works that were available! Also available in a special story for each change of clothes costumes
Under the influence of Memorial change, girls have become a little different personality and usually … !?

■ if friends in the part-time job, she our unknown one side is …!?

Part-time job to get and dear degree is up! Harmonious development of the cute girls if Susumere the “Dear board”
Friends a special story to each consisting occurs! What, as a result of the conversation in a place that you touch (tap) changes … !?

■ various world, incandescent in various costumes battle! !

Anime, manga, games, Ranobe, the battle dressed in various costumes in various work world possible!
Special skills are triggered different for each costume, miss also crowded elements such as further cute goods equipped!

—- ◆ ◇ appeared character (CV titles omitted)

Asaki fountain (CV: Nitta Hiyori)
Hobbies: None (geek apprentice)

Incense Aya Sakaki (CV: bird section Mariko)
Hobbies: Cosplay

Irina Resukova (CV: Yumi Uchiyama)
Hobbies: Military

Article Institute Kaoruko (CV: Yukiyo Fujii)
Hobbies: animation

Machiya binding Ena (CV: Rie Murakawa)
Hobbies: maid

Edogawabashi Yoshitomo (CV: Naomi Ozora)
Hobbies: Doll play

Nankai Senju (CV: Yamamoto Ai)
Hobbies: training game

Maiko Chimari (CV: Yui Ogura)
Hobbies: history

Mejiro NagisaHisashi (CV: Hisako Kanemoto)
Hobbies: boy cartoon

Rei Kurushima (CV: Yurika Kubo)
Hobbies: Plastic

Komachi Satonaka (CV: Megumi Toda)
Hobbies: camera shooting

Rokugo Saori (CV: Koiwai small bird)
Hobbies: light novel (Ranobe)

【Official site】
[Official Twitter]

—- ◆ ◇ Notes

※ recommended models, it will be Android6.0 or more. (Required more RAM 2GB)
※ In such as some terminal or tablet, or disturbance display, there is a possibility that does not work properly.
※ communication with the server during the game progress will occur. Please enjoy communication possible environment.
※ This game is a basic free-to-play, but there is some paid items.
※ Because of this app service quality improvement, you will get the access log on the application. Please note.
※ If you took over the user data between iOS · Android, so you will not be able to take over data of the virtual Hijiriishi, please note.

—- ◆ ◇ App company
Fluidigm Corporation popular 1.6 million people were playing “Mont daughter-rem” started, is a company that deploy multiple Moe game.
The main Recommended popular girl game
Mont daughter – REM
· TO LOVE Ru Darkness gravure chance


1. Hide Enemy
2. One round victory


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