Samurai Siege: Alliance War v.1594 [god mode, dmg, dev menu]


Name: Samurai Siege: Alliance War
Version: 1594
Root: No

1.) no enemies attack
2.) massive dmg
3.) invisible armies
4.) boosted health (read more below)
5.) cheat menus for you :)

1.) music enabled = all the mods activated
2.) music muted = only 3x health, 3x dmg, and enemy will attack you
3.) click “progress” on cheat menu when you click on quest, watch the magic
4.) buttons on menu show during different stages, textfield is to send commands to server, do not use unless you know what the commands are!

1.) To lengthen your gameplay, send off only 1 troop to kill the entire village!

Install Steps:
1.) install bypass apk (new player only), pass tutorial
2.) install modded apk, continue play

Credits: BTG (EMT)
Playstore: Google Playstore
Original: original apk
Samurai Siege v1594.0.0.0 @
Samurai Siege v1594.0.0.0 @
Samurai Siege v1594.0.0.0 @

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