2019 Lunar New Year – VIP giveaway

Happy Lunar New Year!

First of all I would like to thank everyone who participated in the previous contest we’ve held. For this month we’ll be doing the Lunar New Year contest!
I know many of you don’t celebrate Lunar New Year so there will be other alternative ways to enter for the contest.

– Only post if you’re submitting an image, anything else will be irrelevant and be removed.
– One post PER user.
– If you are caught using fake pictures you will be disqualified.
– Keep images family friendly, nothing sexual/violent.

Requirements (Choose ONE):
– Take a photo of anything related to Lunar Year with a sign next to it saying “Team AR” (Note: Must be a physical sign)
*Here’s a few ideas: Lunar Year decorations, fireworks, parade, food, gifts.
– A drawing you made of something related to Lunar Year signed with your username.

Winners will be picked on
February 11, 2019.

Good luck to you all!

Team AR.

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