Tiny Bubbles v1.5.1 MOD [UPDATE]

Method #1:
A method that seems to work for some users is installing the PlayStore version of the game, logging in. Close the game then install the modded APK version we provide over the PlayStore version.

Method #2:
1. Install PlayStore version of the game. Log-in your Google account as normal.
2. Install Titanium Backup. Go to MENU/Preferences
– In Backup setting: tick Always for Backup app external data
– In Restore setting: tick Restore app external data
Then back-up the game you want
3. Uninstall the game and install the mod
4. Go to Titanium backup and choose the game to restore.
Choose Restore APP DATA ONLY.
After finishing restore, log-in the mod game and enjoy
Note: Root is required for this method

Method #3:
1. Delete “META-INF” from modded APK.
2. Copy “META-INF” from normal APK(From apkpure or similar site) to modded APK.
3. Sign the modded APK with zipsigner.
4. Install normal APK(From apkpure or similar site) and login with Google Play.
5. Install the signed mod APK over and launch the game.
Note: Please be sure to use the game version is the game!

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