Smart VPN best unlimited & encrypted %100 free VPN proxy with 5 security mods
Just one click to connect 70+ different country in 30.000+ servers.

With Smart VPN unblock websites or app and protect privacy with encrypted VPN.
No registration, no bandwith limitatation to reach your favorite websites or online multimedia. No limits to bandwith or speed. You can connect in five seconds.

Different 5+ mods protect your online risks.
Real time block list on Smart VPN (RBL) of harmful websites (ie. phishing sites, malware sites, spyware sites or apps, and parked domains that may contain disturbing ads, including pop-up ads etc.) and will warn whenever you attempt to access a site containing potantially threatening content.

Connect free premium high speed servers (100mpbs+)
with anti risk mods you can block annoying pop-ups, block sites hosting malwares and protect fake websites.

Social Networks:
Unblock social networks such as: Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp or Twitter etc.

Connect on different countries such as:
United States of America, Japan, Canada, Russia, Germany, UK, France , Austria etc..

Reach ultra speed mode on multimedia!
Watch online videos ultimate high speed. Espically 4K or Full HD videos. You can choose what you want with different servers to unblock videos or something not reachable in your country.

Protect Privacy
Protect your network surfing public WI-FI areas. Blocks malwares while connected. Works perfect with LTE/4G, 4.5G & 3G and others carriers.

Bookmark your favorite servers and tap to connect easily.
See security issues with tools tab. Control your device for privacy.

Whats my IP?
Learn your IP easily and getting your IP information Hide your real IP on online websites and Smart VPN block the invisible trackers that monitor your online activity. In app you can use with DNS mods and free VPN proxy. Protect your privacy %100 free VPN.

Contact: If you have any suggestion or question contact to us. Contact us: [email protected]

Terms and Privacy: If you using and downloading the Smart VPN you acknowledge and agree to the end user license agreement and Privacy Poicy Privacy Policy Note: Due to policy, Smart VPN is not available on China. Sorry about that.

What’s new
Protect privacy, minor bugs fixes.
Added free VPN proxy.
Enjoy your free & unlimited VPN!

MOD Features:
Ads removed / disabled