Polarity is a fast, secure, and stable web browser for Android to bring the same experience as Polarity on the desktop.

Instantly share websites, browse the web by voice, import bookmarks from Chrome, as well as filter advetisement with one of the strongest ad blockers built into a browser.

★ Speed: Both the application and the engine itself are hardware accelerated which helps to deliver amazing speeds in rendering both mobile and full desktop websites, video streaming, and interactive content in a tiny package. Many browsers today tend to bundle themselves with many different forms of bloatware and ads which greatly reduces the overall performance of the application. We believe that the web should be readily accessible without any interference right in your hand.

★ AdBlocking: Just like Polarity for Windows, Polarity for Android has a built in adblocker that filters out most ads without being detected by websites. The database is now filled with 45,524 known adhosts, a +160% increase from version 4.

★ Privacy: Browse with ease without any trace of history, bookmarks, or cookies being left behind. Have peace of mind when browsing sites that are known to extract user data for malicious purposes.
★ DoNotTrack: Enable DoNotTrack to tell stop websites from collecting data.
★ Header Masking: Restrict the amount or alter the header information that is forwarded to websites you visit with a simple tap.

★ Reader Mode: Polarity’s reader mode enables users to read webpages with the clarity and convenience of having it on paper. It’s flexibility allows the user to adjust the brightness and text size of the article.

★ Customization: Polarity comes with a whole host of different customization options. Easily change the theme and render mode of the browser. Enable color mode to bring a more immersive UI which matches the website’s color scheme. And even enable random backgrounds to add beautiful images right on the start page.

More Features:
– Fast Tabbed Browsing
– Powered by Ecosia, a search engine that plants trees.
– Adobe Flash Support for Android 4.2 or below.
– Fast boot up time.
– Random new tab page backgrounds.
– Custom home page.
– Bookmarks
– History
– Low RAM usage.
– Full-screen mode
– Choose from 11 search engines as well add a custom one.
– User Agent masking.
– Basic Gestures for accessing tabs and bookmarks.
– Instantly share websites right from the browser.
– Customize almost of the browser via the settings menu.
– Native Javascript and Webkit engines without the bloat.
– Voice Search
– DoNotTrack
– Tor/I2P support along with other proxies and VPNs.
– Multi-Language support
– Pocket integration.
Navigation Tips:
– Long-press the back button to close a tab or all tabs
– Long-press a link to open in a new tab
– Long-press a tab to close it.
– Long-press a bookmark to edit.

This app is based on Lightning Browser, and licensed under the Apache License.
Apache License, Version 2.0: http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0.html

What’s new
Minor updates to the browser for bug fixes and fixed searching.