OnePlus Gestures — Gesture Control

OnePlus Gestures — Gesture Control

“Gesture control” is the next big thing. The “iPhone X” has it, “OnePlus” adapted it and it looks like that “Android P” will also add a “Gesture Control” thing. For sure many other oem’s like “Samsung”, “Huawei”, “Motorola” or “LG” will also adapt it in the near future.

But why should we buy a new device or wait for a new android version to use our device in this awesome intuitive way?

“OnePlus Gestures” allows you to control your device with gestures instead of button presses.

This application is for you if
• You always want to have the latest features and innovations on your device
• You have small hands or a huge phone because it’s much easier for you
to navigate with gestures rather than with buttons
• You have broken hardware buttons
• You simply love “Gesture Control”

Available Gestures
• Swipe up from the center
• Swipe up and hold from the center
• Swipe up from the left
• Swipe up and hold from the left
• Swipe up from the right
• Swipe up and hold from the right
• Swipe from the left to the right
• Swipe from the right to the left
• More will propably follow

Available Actions
• Launch Google Assistant
• Back
• Home
• Last App
• Open notifications
• Open power dialog
• Recent apps
• Open quick settings
• Toggle split screen
• You can request actions in the google plus community

So what you’re waiting get the next big thing now no matter which device you’re using or which android version you’re running.


Mature update!!

• The ability to hide the nav bar is now back in this app!!
You should uninstall the “Hide Navigation Bar” app as it’s not needed anymore
• Added the ability to move the activation area up while keyboard is visible
• Improved permission requesting
• Moved gesture settings to a separate screen
• Reduced memory usage
• Reduced apk size
• Reduced battery usage
• Performance improvements
• Stability improvements
• Tons of under the hood changes



OnePlus Gestures — Gesture Control v2.0.0 beta 01 [Paid] / Mirror

OnePlus Gestures — Gesture Control v0.5.4 [Paid] / Mirror

OnePlus Gestures — Gesture Control v0.5.1 [Paid] / Mirror