Legacy of Atlantis : Master of Heart v1.0.55 MOD [Update]

Heyo. ALL MODS? Oof.
I’m not on any side, but you are just rude and i don’t like how you replied.
If you find the mod not working, PROVE it by giving a screenshot or video. What if you just messed with the installation?
Tell what device you used, OS, any detail that you can. It will help TS to pass it to the modder so that will be fixed.

And for you @bedoelnorg, please do write the credits on all your post. Even you didn’t know who he is, at least give a link where you got that.
Don’t just be a “like” sucker when the mod works.
Thank you.

My Animal School Romance : Romance You Choose v1.0.0 [Mod]

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