ISS onLive

ISS onLive

ISS onLive allows you to watch realtime video of earth from International Space Station. Notes for transmission problems from ISS : Sometimes video is not available by transmission problems. Be patient, in few minutes (sometimes hours) the transmision will return.

News version 9 :

  • Added secondary camera video stream (sometimes with audio!)
  • Chromecast support!! Now you can see earth realtime video in your TV (only with basic support)
  • Now you can choose activate automatic translation in Settings (for Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian and Spanish)
  • A message is displayed when the video is temporarily unavailable.
  • Correction of several bugs reported by users. Thanks!!

News version 8 :
– Fix day and night layer

News version 7 :
– Solved important bug in Android 5.0 and some devices (crash on start)
– Added spanish translation

News version 6 :
– New lateral menu
– New full map view
– New configuration settings
-keep screen on
-video only with wifi (prevents data carrier usage)
-map lock ISS
-show orbit
-show day/night layer
– Help only appears once and you can see it again with help option

News version 5 :
– Add realtime night/day regions in map
– Better map panning and automatic return to ISS
– Smaller ads in landescape view

News version 4 :
– Fix video stream
– Add rate button

News version 3 :
– Resolved multiple problems/bugs
– Show ISS orbit over map

News version 2 :
– Double tap for fullscreen video
– Immersive mode where available
– Better performance on rotate screen
– General optimizations
– New material design
– Android 5.0 compatibility
– Be sure you are using a wifi connection because the streaming video consumes a lot of data.

About video stream :
– Black/Blue Image = International Space Station (ISS) is on the night side of the Earth.
– No Audio = Normal. There is no audio by design.

What’s New

– Added manual location option in settings.
– Solved problem when try to open captured image.
– Solved bug in visible passes calculations with Daylight Saving Time.


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ISS onLive: HD View Earth Live v4.5.2 [Unlocked] / Mirror

ISS onLive: HD View Earth Live v4.5.0 [Unlocked] / Mirror

ISS onLive: HD View Earth Live v4.4.5 [Unlocked] / Mirror