How to protect our devices form malware

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When we talk about malware or cyber attacks, we only tend to think about PCs or phones. They certainly are the most affected since they are the most widely used devices, which is why cyber criminals target them. However, threats are not exclusive to these devices. Malware threats targeting the Internet of Things have grown exponentially, affecting a lot of us given that we use more devices as time passes by.

What devices are those? They are mainly routers, printers, TVs and even smart washing machines connected to the network. We already know there are now more and more appliances that can be connected in some way to the internet to make everything easier. Cyber criminals find these devices an interesting target because they are always, or most of the time, connected to the Internet. The router and the TV are the perfect examples because they are always on but the protection we provide for them is not always the best.

Update: Installing anti-virus software is a great way to do this, but you must know which malware is harmful to you. I recently saw an article about Malware that anyone can look at it. Malware targeting the Internet of Things – Utilize Windows

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