Edge Screen S9 Pro

Edge Screen S9 Pro

Tools Edge screen: Offers many useful features for your application. A perfect application and contains useful features.
And here are the main features of the app to date:

  • Handle setting
  • You can install the swatch area yourself. Customizable with many useful features
  • You can also arrange the screen as you like. It’s simple to drag and drop
  • Back ground:
  • Color background
  • Default wallpaper
  • Picture
  • Live blur screen (beta)
  • You can also set the transparency and opacity of the image
  • Edge screen:
  • People edge screen: create links for your contacts. Select and organize your favorite contacts
  • CallLog edge screen:
  • Update and manage your call log
  • Edge screen soft key: Support some common key in yourdevice like: home, recent, back, power ..
  • App edge screen: Create shortcuts for your favorite apps
  • Tools Edge screen: Offers many useful features for your application
  • Special thank for : Băng Châu, Bạch Tuấn Đạt help us to make this app


  • Release version
  • Update Record screen edge (PRO)
  • Fix Ads show when have pro version (User report)
  • Fix some crash issue
  • correct some settings logic
  • If you have any question please feel free contact me (email: [email protected]).
    Thank you for using my app !



Edge Screen S9 v1.6.3.8 [Pro] APK / Mirror