Dead Trigger 2 1.5.3 APK GodMode/MaxXP/InfiniteMoney/InfiniteAmmo/RapidFire/InstantKill/SuperSpeed

Yeah there’s no infinite ammo, haven’t gotten to the part to check out the overheating yet though. Also the 90% drop chance seems too less still, only the bigger zombies have that chance and not all of them have it. 90% means out of 10 big zombies there should be 9 with a blueprint. In arena I killed dozens. About 50 or so but I just got 8 to 10 blueprints only, which I couldn’t get at all since the player is God mode and there’s no way for him to die. Exiting the game doesn’t give you any rewards, not the blueprints at least.

My Animal School Romance : Romance You Choose v1.0.0 [Mod]

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