Data monitor is mobile data monitoring app. Automatically measured traffic Wifi and mobile. Measured data, it appears easy to see.

・Easy to use. after the first launch, record the mobile data automatically.
・Statistics display is simple. My data is easy to understand.
・Record the mobile data in the app-specific. Can find an app large traffic.
・Baud rate display function. Show the baud rate in the upper right corner of the screen.
・Small battery consumption.


  • Responding to defects that can not measure traffic by application on Android 6.0
    Along with this, the use of the new API becomes necessary, and the following permission is necessary on Android 6.0 or higher.
    [Phone] Since the terminal ID is necessary when using the API, use authority only for terminal ID acquisition.
    [Permit usage status] It is necessary to use API.
  • bugfix.



Data Usage Monitor v1.15.1573 [Premium] / Mirror

Older Version

Data Usage Monitor v1.15.1528 [Premium] / Mirror

Data Usage Monitor v1.13.1392 [Premium] / Mirror