Currency rates (Pro)

Currency rates (Pro)


Dear users! The program works only with the service of theCentral Bank of the Russian Federation and European Central Bankand queries and displays only the exchange rates of the Russian CBand Euro CB in rouble (RUB) and no monetary exchange rates, noForex, no similar services to have nothing to do with!

Update rules of the Russian CB: exchange rates available areonly on working days, weekends and holidays rates are not changingand not updated! Rates for tomorrow is available only on weekdaysand only post 14:00 Moskow time!
Update rules of the Euro CB: exchange rates are available onlyafter 16:00 Moscow time (2.15 p.m. CET). At public holidayscurrency rates are not does not establis!



Currency rates (Pro) v7.0.3 / Mirror

Currency rates (Pro) v6.3.7 / Mirror

Currency rates (Pro) v6.0.3 build 98 / Mirror