A simple unit conversion app for Android. Ad-free and no frills, this is the app for you!

Hundreds of conversions, you won’t need to ask Google to convert for you anymore…
This is a completely offline solution, with no permissions. The app also comes in at just under 1 MB in size (947 KB to be exact), which is amazing!

►6 different sections and hundreds of measurements at your fingertips…
• Time
• Cooking
• Weight
• Temperature
• Length
• Digital Storage

►Why Try
• No Ads
• Material Design
• Dark Mode
• Completely Offline!
•. Save Results to Clipboard
• Under 1 MB in storage size

• Only Available in English Currently.
• If you would like to request features or units, submit feedback, or translate the app to your language please submit a form here: https://goo.gl/forms/LgXO5IzWNAaihch02

What’s New:

Better support for Split Screen and devices with different aspect ratios.
Removed unused resources
Bug Fixes

Stay tuned for more Unit Additions

Update: 59