The Collins English Dictionary Complete & Unabridged and the Collins Thesaurus of the English Language is a software bundle offering a complete language and reference solution for writing, for work, for study, because you want to express yourself well, or just for the love of words.

• Search over 500,000 English words, references and examples in this 30th anniversary edition of the Collins’ flagship dictionary.
• Let the Thesaurus help you find that tantalizing solution to tricky language clues with over 377,000 synonyms and antonyms.

Dictionary Features:
• Latest vocabulary, based upon Collins’ 2.5 billion word database
• 6,000 biographical entries
• Key expressions and example sentences
• Usage notes give advice on using the right word in the right place
• Cultural notes on life and language
• Thousands of etymologies trace the roots of modern English
• A clear design that makes this dictionary accessible and easy to use

Thesaurus Features:
• Key synonyms for each sense, offering the most helpful alternative
• Opposites provide you with another way of expressing yourself
• A wide range of Idioms and phrases included
• Related words to help you expand your vocabulary
• Cross-references
• Quotations add wit, sparkle and originality
• Illustrative examples from real English show how the entry word is used
• Usage and regional labels to help you identify areas of usage
• Extensive coverage of English as an international language
• 550 Subject word lists add an extra dimension to your vocabulary



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