Bass Booster For Headphones

If you are a fan of Hip-Hop, loud music, hard music, rock, beat or bass music — then this application is right for you.

“Bass Booster for Headphones” is a musical app for increasing loudness of low frequencies on Android device.
Enhance low frequencies, boost bass, enjoy new music with loud bass and beats.
This bass booster will help you if you listen to hip-hop music, Rap music, drum and bass music, music with beats and bass.
Use bass booster for increasing volume of bass and beats in Hip-hop music, rap music, drum and bass music.
Use headphones, earphones, ear pods for better sound.
Increase volume of bass in audio and video on Android phone or Android tablet .
You can also listen to bass music in speaker. Bass booster for headphones enhance volume of bass both in speakers and earphones.
Although, bass booster for headphones is able to increase loudness of bass in Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth headset.
We advise you to listen to bass and beats music in headphones for better sound.
Bass Booster for Android phone and tablet is a simple, but useful app. It helps you to increase bass of your favorite music, make beats and bass more clear and louder.
Change them on your own taste. This musical app Bass Booster for Headphones increases low frequencies and make the sound clear.
Musical app for Android “Bass Booster for Headphones” will help you to make bass of video and audio louder.
If you watch video clip of your favorite song, but the sound is poor, then use “Bass Booster for Headphones” to make bass louder!
If you listen to music in video player, but video has not deep bass, then turn on Bass Booster for Headphones, increase volume of bass as you need and enjoy loud music with loud bass!
Bass and low frequencies will be boosted because “Bass Booster for Headphones” can enhance both audio and video!
Use this musical app for bass boost for increasing volume of bass for video and music.
With Android app “Bass Booster For Headphones” you can make bass louder than standard volume of bass. Just control bass inside the app “Bass Booster For Headphones” as you want!
Also, the musical app “Bass Booster For Headphones” can change standard volume. You can change standard volume in this app if button on the side of your Android phone or tablet is broken.
Or you can change standard volume in “Bass Booster For Headphones” because it is comfortable and useful.
Inside musical app for Android “Bass Booster For Headphones” you can regulate standard volume and bass boost.
It is comfy to control all sounds inside this app “Bass Booster for Headphones”.
Turn “Bass Booster for Headphones” on by swiping the button from white to green,
slide a regulator of volume and bass regulator to the needed loudness level and enjoy the music or video.
Application “Bass Booster for Headphones” has a simple design.
You can use notification icon for fast access to Bass Booster for Android.
What can application for Android “Bass Booster For Headphones” do:
* boost bass in Android device;
* increase low frequencies of Android phone;
* enhance bass in hip-hop music, rap music, drum and bass music in Android tablet;
* make bass in audio and video louder in Android gadget;
* boost low frequencies of music in Bluetooth headset and Bluetooth speakers for Android;
* free bass booster for Android.
Install this application and enjoy the music with bass and beats. Share with friends and listen to popular Hip-Hop musicians, Rap music, drum and bass beats.
Control bass as you want. Increase loudness of bass in audio, music and video. Regulate standard volume of your Android device.
But be careful! We are not responsible for your phone.
Don’t listen to music with the highest level of bass for long time.

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