The Alchemist Code v2. [dmg, god mode]

Name: The Alchemist Code
: No
1.) massive dmg
2.) enemy 1 dmg only
3.) massive defense
4.) massive multiplier for your heroes allowable steps
5.) Arena normal dmg (bypass mode)
1.) Music less than half == disable mods. This is when you want to play “normal” on events etc
2.) SE less than half == disable dmg mods (only god mode is enabled)
Install Steps:
1.) install modded apk, play
1.) You should see normal dmg/defense/steps in Arena (bypass mode activated there)
2.) I’ve modded CO-OP, so make sure you use toggles if you don’t want people to start reporting you !!!
Credits: BTG (EMT)
Playstore: Google Playstore
Original: apkpure
Download: Alchemist Code v2. FREE @

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