TaxiMu for Mobile vVersion 3.0.0 [MOD]

METAL SLUG ATTACK Hack 3.17.0 (MOD,Unlimited AP) Apk

This is a private server. No its not a mod or the original. The point of a p server is you gain stuff fast like gold exp dia gear etc etc dont give hate to a post if your so stupid you’ve no idea what your even commenting on. I use to play this server and if its anything it use to be give it a go the rates are okay for a english srv (i like asian srv they give you pretty much everything free with custom gear you can farm/buy) and so are the ingame dia and bound dia. The staff tend to be online alot or easy to get hold of which is also decent for a p srv.
So my point is dont hate for no reason the admin is just try’na get his server out there show him love, he even gave codes for ppl on this forum.

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