Freezing Extension TW v1.2.53 (Mod Apk)

Freezing Extension TW

Freezing Extension TW v1.2.53 (Mod Apk) ■ Introduction to the game
Lovely eyes and ears with them to enjoy Battle RPG, Freezing Extension!
[Should not I love dating in RPG !?]
Your “Ultimate” is her!
Knock if you want to know everything about her!
[2D and 3D fantasy compatibility! A battle to fall!
Attractive illustrations and powerful SD 3D battles!
Armed Destruction Go to ‘Texture Break’!
[Popular cartoon ‘Freezing’ girl appeared in RPG Battle ☆]
Original author transcendence cooperation!
Character, story, etc. All of the new design of freezing!
[Strongest volume story more than 12 novels!]
Reconstruction of the original, of course, the best liking with your best girl!
And do not miss out on the many behind-the-scenes stories!
[A variety of content to enjoy without breaks]
Story Mode, PVP, Raid, Attack Dungeon, Bonus Dungeon etc!
Freising does not give you a break ~!
■ Device Recommended Specification
– Terminal: Galaxy Note 5
– Memory: 3GB
※ If the device is less than the recommended specification or the memory is 3GB or less
Through the ‘Settings → Basic’ tab in the game, you can create illustrations and 3D skills
If you change it to OFF, you can use it more smoothly.
■ Official Cafe
■ User Terms
■ Personal Information Processing Policy
■ Support URL https://
■ Smartphone App Access Permission Guide
When you use the app, you are requesting access to provide the following services.
[Essential Access Rights]
– Phone: Use this button to change the audio status after checking the status of the phone when receiving a phone call during game play.
[How to withdraw access authority]
– Android 6.0 or later: Go to Settings> Apps> Permission item> Permission list> Select whether to grant or revoke access rights
– Under Android 6.0: You can withdraw access privileges by upgrading your operating system, or removing apps
※ The app may not provide individual consent, and you can revoke access by the above method.
※ If you are using Android version 6.0 or lower, you can not set the selective access privilege individually. We recommend upgrading to 6.0 or higher.
Withdrawal of essential access rights may result in resource interruption or inability to access games.
Developer contact:
3rd Floor, Youngho Building, 1605-1 Seocho-dong, Seochang-gu, Seocho-gu, Seoul프리징
– Weak Enemy ATK
– Weak Enemy HP
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