Azur Lane KR 벽람항로 v1.4.61 [MOD]

1. Do not abuse it.
Safest mod = Godmode. but don’t use this in EX modes of events.
2. Oil consumption + Total fleet power + Finish time are all sent and logged into the servers.
Use what a normal shikikan would use and don’t be dumb. DO NOT FINISH MAPS IN LIKE ~4 seconds.
Each attack should be longer than 30 seconds (for Chapter 6 and above).
For lower chapter maps, finish time is not significant, but still you should be cautious.
3. Do not even try to go high up in a leaderboard.
Stay low profile.
4. Mods don’t do anything in PVP (more like whatever mod you use, the enemy also have it – except Godmode, that don’t work in pvp). Fight like a real man.
5. Consider the mod as a trainer for beginners, or as a convenience for those who have no time to play casually. If you think you’re stronk enough, then go LEGIT. It’s much more fun to play without Mods, seriously.
other notes:
– i’ve never tried weakenemy before, but i suggest you DO NOT use this in EX modes (or even in high chapter maps), because bosses are intended to have high HP and should take you some time to kill it. Remember, finish time is recorded, and so is your vanguard and main fleets’ total power. Even your oil consumption EVERY BATTLE/ATTACK.
– if you’re low level commander AND/OR you have low PVP ranking, stay away from EX modes of events especially if there is a leaderboard.

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