SECRET Fan Crush v1.1 (Mod Apk)

SECRET Fan Crush

SECRET Fan Crush v1.1 (Mod Apk) It was an ordinary day…
when I met my Favorite Star like a destiny.
It was the day when I got my soul and wallet stolen
by a popular K-Pop idol group, Pandora,
but I was still happy to have him in my heart.
However, on the comeback date
of my totally gorgeous Favorite Star,
I accidentally bumped into 5 guys,
and my secret life as a hardcore fangirl
gets revealed to the world!
I’ll do my very best until I debut!
A K-Pop star trainee and my childhood friend, Woobin Song.
Classics are the only music I’ll accept.
A tsundere piano prodigy, Haejin Seo.
Do I need a reason for falling in love with you?
A slightly odd student president, Dohwon Choi.
“Great work today. Class dismissed.”
A handsome tutor, Taehee Nam
“Don’t you get that I DISLIKE Pandora?”
A girl-phobic high schooler, Parang Ki.
A hybrid of a nerd and a geek?
A fangirl’s final attempt
to secure her secret life, starts NOW!
Shh, it’s totally a secret!
An idol star fangirl’s top secret life♥
requests permissions to provide service.
-In-app purchase (Required): Used for in-app purchase.
-ID (Required): To log in to the game through Google or Facebook account.
-Contacts (Required): Prevents abusing of event participation, and receiving duplicate rewards.
-Phone (Required): Identify user’s device and/or display appropriate events for users.
-Wi-Fi Status (Required): Checks internet connection for data download.
-Photos/Media/Files (Required): Saves game resources on device.
-Storage Space (Required): Saves game play data.
-Device ID and/or Call Info (Required): Receive Push Message.
How to remove permission.
– Android 6.0 and above : Settings > Apps > Select app > Permissions > Select to allow or remove permissions.
– Under Android 6.0 : Due to the characteristic of the operating system, you can remove permission by deleting the app.
You can purchase in-app products.
(‘Consumer Protection Laws Under E-commerce’ may restrict the withdrawal of applications.)
This game requires additional data download on first play after installation.
This process requires stable internet connection. We recommend connecting to Wi-Fi.
In case of unstable internet or connection loss, an error may occur during download and the app may not run properly.
If you have any inquiries, please send us an E-mail with your phone device model name and detailed information of your problem through following address: [email protected]
Terms of Service & Privacy Policy :
Website :
Developer : 82-10-4182-2221
SECRET Fan Crush
SECRET Fan Crush
SECRET Fan Crush
SECRET Fan Crush
SECRET Fan Crush
SECRET Fan Crush
1)Huge Stars
Install Steps:
1)Remove store version if u have
2)Install modded version
SECRET Fan Crush v1.1 (Mod Apk) – SENDSPACE
SECRET Fan Crush v1.1 (Mod Apk) – ZIPPYSHARE
SECRET Fan Crush v1.1 (Mod Apk) – RACATY LINK
SECRET Fan Crush v1.1 (Mod Apk) – DRIVE LINK

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